How to defrost car windows

How to defrost car windows

how to defrost car windows Trick to Remove Frost Nothing makes a wicked morning worse than a frosted windshield. Hopping into your vehicle when you’re running late, only to be faced with an opaque window covered in ice, is a frustrating experience.

Especially because scraping it clean is such a long and arduous process. Luckily, there’s a super easy trick for how to defrost your vehicle window in mere seconds, decreasing your wait time and increasing your chances of getting where you require to go on time.

How to Defrost Car Windows Fast-Fill up a spray bottle with one-third water, and two-thirds rubbing alcohol. That’s right—just water and rubbing alcohol. And it works like absolute magic. keep the filled spray bottle in your vehicle so you can use it on the go.

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Why do water and alcohol work so well? Rubbing alcohol has a much lower freezing point than water (128 degrees Fahrenheit below 0), so it speeds up the melting process and prevents the surface from icing up in the future.

Another solution is to use kitty litter on your dashboard. Sounds weird right? If you fill up a sock with kitty litter and leave it in your car, it will suck up any moisture and prevent frost from collecting on your windshield.

Frost is obviously not the only problem when it comes to keeping your vehicle in excellent shape during the winter months. Here are 14 ways to winterize your vehicle and what items you should have in your winter vehicle survival kit.

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